Friday, 20 November 2015

Is He Over His Ex

Trust me. It can be very painful to be in love with someone who you suspect to still be in love with their ex. While he may say and profess he loves you there might be some suspicion and intuition that his heart may not be wholly given over to you. Even though you are together you think and fear that he may still have strong feelings for someone else.

That said. When it comes to matters of the heart like these sometimes it is good to somehow find out. At least for your own sanity and peace of mind.

So read on for some tips on how to discover … is he over his ex?


One of the major signs is that he cannot talk to her without becoming emotional. If you or he mentions her and he gets too angry, too happy or too sad and depressed that is not a good sign. Chances are is that he still has some feelings for he yet. They may not be wholly positive but they are still there nonetheless.

Another sign may be is when he keeps bringing up unresolved issues that he had in his previous relationship. This could be things him or his ex did or didn't do. He could even still be angry about something said or wasn't said, did or wasn't done. You can tell that he still hasn't reached closure on the relationship.

If he still wants to know what is going on in her love life and relationships that is not a goo sign as well. If you catch him always going in Facebook checking her relationship status and seeing what guys she is in pictures with and friends with that most likely means that he may still be pining for her.

Also not only will he be checking out if she has a new boyfriend or partner when she does he can't stop comparing himself to them. If he keeps on making jokes or complaining that her new boyfriends are no good and he is much better that is one big signal that he is not over his ex yet.

The final sign we are going this discuss – and the one to me I find the hardest to deal with – is that he can't stop comparing you to this ex. It wouldn't be that bad if he was praising you in comparison to her but if the comparisons put you in a negative light than that is just one more sign that is heart may still be living in the past and not as fully committed as you would like to to be.

So if you are in love with a man and you are wondering is he over his ex yet gives me points some consideration. If you still cannot figure it out to your satisfaction you may want to try and online psychic. I have tried a few and the good ones have some crazy powers that can find out information that me and you cannot normally find and perceive. I know there are a lot of scams out the but I found the site reviewed at best online psychics to be the best and more trustworthy.

I hope my latest blog post can help you resolve the problems of the heart.